When the postman rings

Yesterday,while siting on the porch, watching the children play with their friends, the postman was ringing. He delivered a package from France. What a surprise! Quick, I opend it and found this inside....

The quilt from the mini quilt swap! Claudine made this wonderful creation. I love the colours, so fresh and cheerful. And she is a talented embroider, wow when I see works like this I'm just impresst and amazed!!

Merci beaucoup Claudine pour ce joli oeuvre d'art. Je le suspend dans mon coin creative pour me faire inspiree.....


  1. Bonjour Sandra,
    I'm happy you like my patch, I really enjoyed to do it !!
    I now seeks a new swap...
    I wish you full of beautiful creations !

  2. Lucky to get your swap! I have not recieved mine yet!!! I am so happy to see you too joined craft hope! I agree with the comments you left on my blog...I want for NOTHING, except maybe more fabric!


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