Kids creativity

I signed in to make a babyquilt for Craft Hope. They do a real great work, looking for ways to help all around the globe. I really do admire people who organise projects like this and am more than happy to contribute something.
So I asked the kids if they would help me chose the fabric for a baby quilt. Of course they liked the idea of rummagin around in my fabric stash and beleve me they had a fun time....:0! At least I now have a well and newly organised stash. ( Nothing glamorous beleve me, but steadily growing ;) )

First I wasn't sure about the colour choice ( no, noot sure at all ) But now I really like this quilt. Like Lynn said, it is a happy quilt just the right thing for a baby. " You know" she said " I remember what I liked as a baby, but you are to far away at your age!"

Hope you have fun with your fabric stash too


  1. Cute - I just signed up for the next Project 3 as well!!!

  2. you are done already?? I have my fabric cut but no sewing yet...I went with yellows, aquas and white....


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