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Since I startet sewing a few month ago I always made things for the kids. I started with PJ pants, ricebags etc. learned by mistakes ( still do..) and tried new techniques. Now I made myself this apron out off some cupcake fabric. I do love this fabric and the apron will certainly do his job, but I think it would be a good idea to go on a sewing class to learn a few hints and tricks...

Oh well, in german there is a proverb that says: No master has ever fallen out of the sky :)

In the meantime I`m doing the cuting for a Quilt for Lynn`s ( my taughter) bed. So there will hopefully be some progress in the next days.

And at last the leaves are appearing, spring is here!!

Have a great day



At last after this looong winter the warm weather and the sun are here and this makes me very happy! Flowers, leaves and the birds are coming back and it is a joy to discover every day something new that has grown in the garden.

This inspired me to make something flowery and as my taughter has allways a million things to carry around I made her this bag out of fabric I bought on sale a few weeks ago.

I wish you all a happy and sunny day


Apple sauce and a skirt

We had a bit of sunshine after a long time of rainy and cold weather and the first thing my taughter said was: " I need a summer skirt" Oh yes! So she chose the fabric and within a small hour she was running around the house with barefeet, sunglasses and a to small sunhat from last summer. ( Haha, an other project :) )
Meanwhile the sun was gone, the rain back and we lighted a fire and made some applesauce for more winterdesserts. Sigh!
Have a nice day


First try in quilting

This is the first Quuilt I made. Yuhee!! It is just a dollquilt and I certainly have to learn alooot about quilting. But it was fun making it and my toughter ( and I) are very pleased with the result. So there will be more..


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