About a good time

Our home for the week

Living room


Some views

... Nooo comment here...

The Guest house

Enjoying the sunset in front of the hut

No comment here either....

And this is our little man


the downhill race of the ski school....

...and after!

( You do hear drum rolls and fanfares here of course...no?
Olympic games 2026, we are preparing...;) )

Back home I made the two February blocks for the Quilting Bee.
Maria asked to make a disappearing nine patch pattern.

She selected different Christmas themed fabric to make a nice quilt for the next season.

Have a good week-end!

P.S.: I made two potholders out of the started granny squares. We were in need of some up in the hut.


Granny squares

Yesterday I made my first 2 granny squares.
( after spending several hours watching the tutorials on you tube..)

this is fun and rewarding!

I have no plans for them, but it is just the right project to take with me for our stay in the mountains.

We have an alpine hut witch we can visit in the winter month. ( I already spent my winter holidays there as a kid)
During summer it is home to a herdsman who comes up with his cows.

No electricity,

No current water inside,
just a fountain outside with VERY fresh water.

Beautiful views, silence, snow, simple pleasures, good times ahead!

So in the evenings there will be much time to do some crochet....

Picture will follow later...

Have a good time!


Each and every year it`s the same

I don`t need a calendar to know when February is here.

Even knowing the facts,

I suddenly have this desire of gardening.

Can`t stop thinking about what to plant and eventually change in the garden.

I see

Colourful flowerbeds!

Vegetables growing in abundance!

(Here you are allowed to laugh out loud,
this is more a dream than ever going to be reality...)

But then, all I can do is bring the feeling of spring, flower and garden in the house.

I`m absolutely unable to pass beside the gardening department in the shopping mall without going inside to have a look,

loose control

and bring home some of the flower- power-happiness.


So little investment to get so much to enjoy!

I hope you have something that brings happiness in your days!




( Quilting definitively gets an extra "kick" with two young cats around )

This is what I wanted to show you:

My progress on the string quilt

Happy Sunday to all off you!


Revealing the winner !!!!!!!!!

First I have to say how much fun it is to host a giveaway!

It is really thrilling to follow the trail of each of you to find one nice and lovely blog after another. ( And even for those without a blog it brings me around the world seeing from where all the nice comments came from!)

I know for sure this was`nt my last giveaway ;) !!!

But I know, I know, you want to get some results no?

For the "tirage", I used the random number generator to draw the winner and it is:

I`m following her blog since almost my whole blogging career ( which means a bit more than a year now ) And she truly is a source of inspiration to me. Not only in the crafting but also in the how-to get-through-the-every-day-live-randomness.




Thank you all for participating and for sending such nice comments and good wishes to me!



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