( Quilting definitively gets an extra "kick" with two young cats around )

This is what I wanted to show you:

My progress on the string quilt

Happy Sunday to all off you!


  1. I have a dog that does the same. Love the colors in your strings.

  2. Beautiful colours, that's looking great :) I haven't learnt to do quilting yet, but maybe some day...

  3. Love the colours! I have 3 cats and everytime I pull quilting fabric or cloth out, here they come running!

    Happy Quilting!

  4. I love your string quilt!....Everyone is creating such beautiful string quilts, that I think that I might have to make one for myself.

    Are you sewing them on a piece of muslin or paper first?

    Have fun w/your strings and your helpers.

  5. love the string! I have to lock our cat out when I'm laying out my quilt blocks as she just cannot keep her paws to herself!

  6. Just popping in from SITS to say hi. Your quilt is just lovely! I thought cats only loved paper. I guess they cannot resist a pretty quilt too. Have a nice week ahead! :)

  7. gorgeous. love the colours.

    (I have a dog that sits right on top of my squares when I lay them out to position them...)

  8. Bon Jour! One of the best String Quilt Blocks I've seen...love the colors and fabrics.

    I came upon your blog via Switzerland Quilt search. I lived in Longirod (Jura Mts) for two years. I ADORE Switzerland...SNOW and all. I miss the pain de epise. My french is not that good but try..SIGH.

    Two of my children were born there and one sadly had to remain. He passed at 9 months old. My heart remains there always. We fly the Swiss Flag each August 1.

    I have a craft blog with some quilting. wwwacreativeheart-hope.blogspot.com

    Blessings to you..


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