Trash to treasure tuesday

Did I mention that I love thrift stores and flea markets?

I do

and I have my "bunch" of thrift stores that I visit regularly

A while ago I was lucky and found these two lovelies

And this weekend I finally had the time to sand them down and give them a new look

Now this is Lynn`s new treasure box

And this is mine:

I liked the chest from the moment I discovered it but
when I opened the drawers and saw the compartments
I knew It would be perfect to store my ribbons, bindings and laces!

And I absolutely LOVE those handles!

It is relaxing to know that now I have an other mess free zone in my sewing studio.

Have a nice day


Doll making and a heavenly cake & sew & tell Fridays

After I had made the bunnies

I was hooked...

I started drawing some doll bodies and rummaged in my scraps.

She was the first try:

Lynn choosed the hair color and named her Annabelle.

And of course she needed friends.
It is true, no one should be without friends.

And Léo likes dolls too...

So voilà: Meet Ben and Sara!

I had the idea of stitching the faces and hair but the children wanted to draw it themselves and now they even have the jewelery tattooed on!
They also made quite exact drawings of other anatomical details, now hidden by the cloth I finished shortly before leaving for a walk around a nearby village.

A perfectly blue sky

Simple pleasures

The village
with a cozy Tea Room where we indulged ourself with a piece of St. Honoré.

You can`t buy this cake everywhere but I know the places and never resist...
and you have to work hard after this to loose the calories again too!

Yes, it is hard to survey the children when they are playing.

(Picture this: Me, sitting on a bench soaking in the sunlight)

Did I mention that I LOVE spring?

And since today,
we are prepared for summer guests too.

I hope you have a lovely day with some nice things to enjoy.



Absolutely amazingly Beautiful

Thats all I can say!

And happy Easter to all of you!

I wanted to reduce the amount of chocolate in the kid`s Easter baskets so i created these two Bunnies to add instead.


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