Birthday giveaway

Sorry for the one day delay, I was on call yesterday and then had to go to work...( I think there are more nurses being ill at the moment than patients...)

SOooo now for the giveaway:

To celebrate the number 4 I`m giving away four things I would have a hard time living without them.

( Family members are excluded of course even taught, there are some days ...I could even think about this! ;) )





This means you will get some

Swiss chocolate,

a handmade fabric flower brooch,

this book,

and 4 fat quarters . ( you`ll have to tell me your prefered colours )

Now I hope this is a temptation for you to enter and if you tell about the giveaway on your blog linking to this post you will get an extra entry!

I will choose a winner next Tuesday midday London timezone.

Good luck!


40 !

Last week I told you I had a special day on the 20. and I would post about it later ( I had to wait for the pictures to be e-mailed by the ones who were in charge to take pictures.)

So this is it.

I had my 40. Birthday!

And I`m still wondering how this happened...

Not that I have any troubles with that,

just "How could this happen sooo fast!!

I`m not the only one this year,

With two of my friends who will be there in a few weeks
we wanted to celebrate it with a

big fiesta!

So we organized a seventies party with the matching music and clothes and

a big dessert buffet!

It was awesome!

We danced until 4 o`clock in the morning,

and had a lot of fun
seeing all of our friends together in the same place at the same time!

My two coo-party girls made me a gift too: I wanted this poster for a long time now and they are persuaded that this is the right moment for it...;))

Hope you do too....

P.S: I guess this is a good opportunity for a giveaway isn`t it ??
Sounds tomorrow good??



I almost forgot to take a picture of the second blog for Tasha before posting it!

( Had to pull it out of the envelope witch explains the folds...kmhh )

And I started a string quilt motivated by the "No string attached challenge and I can tell you this is fun and veeery addictive!!

I hope you have a good day

( For me it is a special one but more about that later...)


Here comes the sun

Out of the gray, fogy plains we went,
up the hills to search the for the

Then we found it and had the most beautiful views
on the alps!

We spent the day skiing and sledging and recharging our "batteries" only to dive back in the

But to add some more colour to the day I will go on cutting in my fabric stash to get some supply for the challenge I` participating.

I hope you had a good and fun week-end too!


I`m back


is a real hard time for me.

I`m struggling with the gray dark days and the cold weather.
This makes me loose all my creative and even everyday energy.

I do love the snow tough and I`m quite good on skis so the only thing that can lift up my mood is when it is snowing and when we are off for a day in the mountains.

But lucky me, I`m participating in the Bee Europe Quilting Bee and so I had to go back to do some sewing and this was the best thing i could do!
I could not stop going through my fabric stash and get inspired whit all the colours and designs...this is better than any professional therapy!

This is the first of two blocks for HANIES.

We are free to choose the design of the blocks she just want the size to be 12.5"
So I had a lot of fun making this block and now I`m off to do the 2. one!

So see you soon...


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