I`m back


is a real hard time for me.

I`m struggling with the gray dark days and the cold weather.
This makes me loose all my creative and even everyday energy.

I do love the snow tough and I`m quite good on skis so the only thing that can lift up my mood is when it is snowing and when we are off for a day in the mountains.

But lucky me, I`m participating in the Bee Europe Quilting Bee and so I had to go back to do some sewing and this was the best thing i could do!
I could not stop going through my fabric stash and get inspired whit all the colours and designs...this is better than any professional therapy!

This is the first of two blocks for HANIES.

We are free to choose the design of the blocks she just want the size to be 12.5"
So I had a lot of fun making this block and now I`m off to do the 2. one!

So see you soon...


  1. Hallo Sandra. Schön dass du wieder da bist ( im Blog). Ich erlebe das arbeiten mit den Stoffen auch immer wieder als Therapie und als etwas Beglückendes.
    Mir gefällt dein Block.
    Uebrigens habe ich endlich das Top genäht wozu ich deinen Stoff verwendet habe und es gefällt mir seeehr gut. Nochmals ein herzliches dankeschön! Uebrigens habe ich jetzt auch einen Blog, falls du mal reinschauen willst. Das Bild vom Top kommt in den nächsten Tagen drauf.
    Liebe Grüsse und halt dich warm

  2. I am sooooo not a winter person and this year we seem to have snow after snow after snow. I can't wait for Spring!

    Thank you so much for this block. I really love it!

  3. You are right! We DO have something in common. I'm glad you are able to find that thing that keeps your heart singing!

  4. I just love that quilt block. I was thinking that design would make for a beautiful pillow!

  5. Winter is hard sometimes! The quilt block is fantastic! I'm not very good at it, yet.

  6. Great job!! Crafting makes me feel great too!

  7. I agree - the winter Blahs are tough to overcome some days. I am sure being off in the mountains to ski is a fun thing! (I don't ski, but I do love the mountains!)

    I'm glad you have something fun to brighten your days! I would love to learn to sew, and I plan on it. It is on my list of things "to do" this year. I am excited!


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