No time for sewing but good news

May I introduce Charly and Sira

After a year without a pet in our family we are happy to have some new furry companions again

( We lost our dog and cat last summer both within a few weeks...)

To be continued.....


Summing up

This is how the last 2 weeks has been

Now I`m counting on the fact that sherds are a sign of luck!

More fun tomorrow.....


Impressions of France

The first thing after arriving at the family`s home is always heading to the stables to say hello to the horses and donkeys.

And as soon as possible making the first ride.

Cookie the girl donkey had a baby 3 month ago witch she did`t adopt. So they had to feed him ever since and it was sooo much fun and too cute to see the kids taking over this job during our stay.

Early morning visit to say hello...

...only to go for an other ride through the vines as soon as possible!

A visit in the nearby village St. Emilion where one of the most famous Bordeaux wines are growing.
(Did I mention that my in-law`s are living near Bordeaux...)

Hehe I now, I am a lucky girl never running short of good Bordeaux wine..;))

A trip to the Atlantic coast.

The weather was still warm enough to go for a swim and except for a few surfers we had the endless beach almost for our self.

Then a visit to Cap Ferret to taste some fresh oysters and enjoy the beautiful landscape and villages there.

Back from the sea we had a few other sunny and warm days...

...before we had to go back home...


Au revoir et a bientot la belle vie...

....because here its log fire-and-snuggling-up weather already!


A few things before we`re on the road again

I finished a few UFO`S before we are heading south
to visit my in-law`s for 10 days.

First there was the friendship bag. I started REALLY early but then never finished it until the deadline arrived...

( Will I EVER change this habit?? )

There were some goodies added and a quick drive to the post office later it`s on the way to the States.
Bon voyage, I hope the recipient ( humm, is this the right word for this >: ? ) will like it!

AND I finished Leo`s quilt top!

I wished so much to be abel to finish the whole quilt. But with the garden and the house asking for some attention too there was no way.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the unbelievable beautiful weather we had the past few days, or actually weeks :))

Now the suitcases are packed and we are ready for LA FRANCE.

Au revoir a tout le monde


Autumn impressions


We went for a walk…


…in the JURA.

I love the landscape there, especially in the autumn when the fog gives an almost mystic touch to it…..

So we were…


…walking…lalalala I`m walking…tatatata…


And then….ahhhrgh stooop!!!!


Spectacular views from the “ Creux du vent”


I hope you enjoy some nice autumn walks too.


Autumn decoration

At last I`m getting in the mood and did some fall decoration.

Despite the nice warm weather I also made updated the inside of the house and made a wreath with fabric scraps.
I had the tutorial for ever in my "creative book", a notebook where I keep tons of ideas, tutorials and inspirational pictures I find everywhere in magazines and books Or my mind.

Doing this wreath is easy: Take or make a wreath out of wire and cut stripes of fabric approx. 1.5cm in large and 10-12 cm in length and then knot them on the wreath until its as voluptuous as you like it. It can be necessary to cut al in shape at the end.

Now have fun and use up your fabric leftovers!

I also made this small table runner to bring some fall colours in the room. The fabric is from moda
the " 9 from Sanae" line.



As I mentioned Lynn is a skirt girl and now as the cold season is coming this means it is time for all those funny colorful stockings you can find for girls.
This is good but hard to match with the rest of the outfit. So a black skirt is a handy solution.
( this worked out well last year and you don't need to invent the wheel again and again no? )
So when I saw this long fold skirt in "my" thrift store I knew what this would be...

A new winter favorite for my girl. I added a gingham loop for a belt to give it a special something.
She likes it. And so do I.
Now off to find fun stockings!


As I was in the refashioning mood I digged out a shirt my husband bought once and never used. I guess it was just a hint too bold for him. But I have no problem whit red.

Following this tutorial this is the result!

Now I hope there will still be a few short sleeve day`s to show it off...

Happy sewing!


Sweet as sweet can be

First you take aprox. 10 meters of tulle on a roll ( I found it a few month ago in the " leftover basket" in our local crafting store)
Then you cut strips in the desired final tutu length and multiply it by 2, then you cut,cut,cut..

And knot,knot knot it on an elastic in the ballerina`s belly size..


you make one girl very happy!

( The tutorial is from a book we found in our library called " Crafting for princesses ")

Later you take eggs, sugar, chocolate ( min. 60% ) and butter

mix it all together,


And make everybody happy!

No regrets,please!


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