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Have a colorful day!


A day at the beach

Sunday we spent the day at the beach.

No, we did not head down to the mediterranean sea just to hop into clear blue-turquoise water.
( But yes we did things like that when we were "young" ; ) )

No, we just drove 20 minutes and there we were... almost like the real thing!

The place is on the Lake of Neuchatel and spending one day there is like one week of vaccation:))

To make the day even better I prepared a tarte au citron and it was the perfect match!

Bon appétit!


Sunglass bag

After scratching my last two sunglasses within a few weeks I decided, it was time to make a bag to protect the new ones...

The problem however ...
...to find them when I need it is still not solved....;)

Have a sunny day


Picnic quilt finished oh...


And already in good use..

Yesterday was the perfect weather for just sitting under a shady tree and working on the binding.
Stitching,watching the kids play in their pool drinking homemade Ice-tea and certainly not moving too much...

It was hot!

Very hot!!

The quilt is about 150x170 cm and the colours are perfect for its purpose. I`m very happy with it.

But for now I`m off to catch up on other duties. There is some salsa waiting to be done...

Summer is sooo good!



Inspired by the Hydrangeas in our garden I finally decided what to to for the summer mini quilt swap. Oh, there were many ideas I had in mind just too many....

The blossoms are made of Yo-Yo`s and I can make them everywhere!

The weather is just too good to be inside, behind the sewing machine.

I hope you can enjoy a nice alfresco dinner too!



Léo starts playgroup tomorrow and he is sooo very proud!
He needed a bag of course, to carry his stuff!
He says that he is a "big one" now and he wants to become a dog doctor.

I hope all your dreams will come through.
My sweet "little one"!


On a Saturday

We went to the zoo, had a nice time but forgot the camera...
Back home the children were tired and alowed to watch a DVD.
They watch TV only twice a week so it is a special and always very quiet time witch gave me the possibility to start at last the quilting on my Giant-nine-patch-pic-nic-quilt!

Uff I really have to learn to breath during freemotion quilting!!
But it so much fun and and now is getting easier...

Happy Weekend


Sewing again

After a 3 week sewing break I managed to sit down and sew again!!! Pfff this was


Being on holiday and having family visiting from France is nice and I enjoyed it very much but there was no time for sewing or making much of creative stuff.

We did cook allot tough ( with French people around you spend a looot of time cooking and chatting and drinking aperitifs...)

Oh yes, this was goood too


I was really ready to do some sewing again!!

As kindergarten starts again next week, we are preparing all the things Lynn needs for the new school year. One of them is a bag for her sport stuff. I made her a drawstring backpack the fabric is a Japanese print and unfortunately I don't know where I bought it. I would like to have more of it.

( I will have to keep a report book of my fabric buys ;)..)

And then I visited my favorite thrift store and made a lucky find!

O.K. O.K. this is isn`t too exciting...I know


I saw the potential!

Never judge someone on the first sight, right?

Aand, ta daa...

After a few hours of beauty treatment this is what it looks like now!

Just perfect in our bedroom to store the bed linen.
Just perfect!

Now all I need is a few hours of beauty treatment too...

But I already have an appointment.

In the garden.

With my friends the snails.

They ate all the salads I planted Saturday!!!

This will not be a very friendly meeting I can tell you...
But for you, I hope you have a friendly day


The winners



The funny thing is that they are the first and last ones who made a comment :)

The packages will be on the way to you as soon as I have your addresses!!

I love making giveaways and I think about making a little giveaway every season, so there will be some autumn themed kind of giveaway in a while....

Happy rest of the weekend for all of you and thank you for participating!


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