Part two of the ""I was sewing story

Even tough I mentioned to the artists that they could leave their paintings and enjoy them till the next heavy rain, they wanted clean it. Nice idea, no? Soo well educated kids ;).... in they went to grab the dishwashing brush out they run to fill a watering can and on they went cleaning... I guess there will be less cucumbersalat this summer...( at least from homegrown cucumbers )

I was sewing

The kids were playing outside it was nice and calm so I was very productive

I finished the pillow

Tried a self drawn pattern for a blouse ( poor zebras are acrobatic doing some handstands) Oh well, Lynn still loves it and I count this as an other step in my sewing-skill-improvement...

And then my sewing machine got a cosy for those days when she has to wait all alone for some company.

Meanwhile as I said, it was quiet and the kids were creative too... :0 !! ( What you see is just a small part of the decoration!! )

At least they had fun. and so did I!!
Wish you all a fun and creative day.



Good morning, sunshine..

I take the last chance to participate on the May Giveaway Day! I love giveaways and did already participate one or two times but was never lucky...now I'd like to give the chance to someone to win!

Go and have a look at the rules here. Just leave a comment on this post until 31.May and I will then chose a winner ( random ) I do ship internationally. So now GOOD LUUCK!!!

Its hard to see but there are a few stipes from a Jellyroll on top of the book who are part of the giveaway.


See you later

Monday I finished one of my swap items and in order to keep the result secret I can't show you more then the outside....

I also worked on the quilt swap, here is a little sneek, not showing too much.

Now I won't blogg for a few days. We are going on a short trip to this place. The bikes are ready for nice trips along the lake to explore a part of our country wich we barely know.

My husband and I traveled a lot before we had the kids, were in quite a few places of this wonderful planet but didn't explore the country we're living in. So this year we declared as Swiss-discover-time and we have plans to go and see all "4 corners" of it.

Have a good time


Colour vs. grey

Even on a grey day there is always colour somewhere
in the garden to look at
oh so beautiful!

Or on your plate, oh so yummi!

Now enjoy your evening. For me it is sewing time, you know..., monday..., kids in bed and husband in training....


Doing the laundry or sewing

This was the choice I had yesderday and I think You can all guess what I did. This is also an other goood thing about this blogplace, here I will always find understanding crafty people and despide the bad conscience be abel to proudly present my projects :)

I started a baby quilt for a cousin of mine who had a baby last month too ( her 3 boy! )

Then I tried to make some circles and this was fun but the seamripper was well used.... anyway we will soon have a new pillow on our sofa.

Next was freemotionquilting oh I love the look of those wrinkles, love it!

I had a good time and the laundry is always very patient. At last I know what to do today...

Have a nice weekend


I did some sewing

Friends of us had their first baby last month. So first I made this pants out of a lovely printed fabric. ( Can`t remember the Designer but it is some japanese print..)

Then while sitting on the sewingmachine, Kids in their beds, peacefuly sleeping, husband in his weekly karatetraining, I couldn`t find a reason to stop and went along...

made this dress for Lynn and then felt really guilty because poor Leo doesn`t get as much clothes done then Lynn, so I embelished two booring plain shirts I bought on sale a few days erlier. ( Oh yes I did have this idea in mind..;) )

This was a very satisfying evening and in the morning there were some very excited little people doing a fashionshow!

And this beauty we met on a short walk we made this morning.

Have a colorful day


Mothers Day

I was 21 when I lost my mother I missed her allway since but having my own children,
it is even harder not to have her here with us.

I vermisse Di so fescht u ha di gärn Mueti.

But it makes my happy to be a mom myself now and I try my best to give them a
childhood they hopefully will allways love to remember when they will be adults too.

Thank you for the nice bouquet you picket for my in our garden.

And thank you for the first letter.

Thank you for being in my live.
Love you both to the stars and back!


A good day

This is how I like it:

Working on some sewing projects,

Looking at future fruits, vegies and herbs...

and enyoing the nice afternoon with some Indians!
Hope you have fun too


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