Doing the laundry or sewing

This was the choice I had yesderday and I think You can all guess what I did. This is also an other goood thing about this blogplace, here I will always find understanding crafty people and despide the bad conscience be abel to proudly present my projects :)

I started a baby quilt for a cousin of mine who had a baby last month too ( her 3 boy! )

Then I tried to make some circles and this was fun but the seamripper was well used.... anyway we will soon have a new pillow on our sofa.

Next was freemotionquilting oh I love the look of those wrinkles, love it!

I had a good time and the laundry is always very patient. At last I know what to do today...

Have a nice weekend


  1. dear Sandra,
    I received your fabric for my babyquilt.
    thank you very much.
    I would like to send something back to your. May I ask for your adres?

  2. Of course I choose sewing over laundry every single time!


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