I was sewing

The kids were playing outside it was nice and calm so I was very productive

I finished the pillow

Tried a self drawn pattern for a blouse ( poor zebras are acrobatic doing some handstands) Oh well, Lynn still loves it and I count this as an other step in my sewing-skill-improvement...

And then my sewing machine got a cosy for those days when she has to wait all alone for some company.

Meanwhile as I said, it was quiet and the kids were creative too... :0 !! ( What you see is just a small part of the decoration!! )

At least they had fun. and so did I!!
Wish you all a fun and creative day.

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  1. Cute pillow, I love that pattern. I enjoyed listening to the french music. I lived in Lausanne back in the 80's. I found your site through Quilting Blogger


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