I did some sewing

Friends of us had their first baby last month. So first I made this pants out of a lovely printed fabric. ( Can`t remember the Designer but it is some japanese print..)

Then while sitting on the sewingmachine, Kids in their beds, peacefuly sleeping, husband in his weekly karatetraining, I couldn`t find a reason to stop and went along...

made this dress for Lynn and then felt really guilty because poor Leo doesn`t get as much clothes done then Lynn, so I embelished two booring plain shirts I bought on sale a few days erlier. ( Oh yes I did have this idea in mind..;) )

This was a very satisfying evening and in the morning there were some very excited little people doing a fashionshow!

And this beauty we met on a short walk we made this morning.

Have a colorful day


  1. Thanks for the nice comment you left the other day. Love your blog...

  2. this is some really cute work don't you just love making cloths for kids :)


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