Blogging really does a lot of good to my computing skills and I even start to really enjoy it!! So this is a test for my new signature

Huhu, yyess it`s working ( I just hope that I will remember what I did now in my next post..;)


Skirt revival

Lynn L-O-V-E-S skirts or dresses. You`ll never see her wearing trousers unless I really force her to do so ;). Sadly, after two years of non-stop-in-duty, her alltime favorite jeansskirt was getting too short. As there was no question of give it away this was a sewing emergency!!

After a few minutes of digging in my stash and a lotoffewminutes later...ta-da! One Almost new skirt and one very happy girl.
Then I made this bag as a gift for a birthdayparty ( one of Lynn`s Kindergartenfriends turns 5 ) on friday.

We will add some fun stuff and hopefully there will be an other happy girl!

Enjoy your day!


Wild West

We have some Wild West fascinated people arround here since a little while and as we are not abel to go and see the Indians and Cowboys in real in the moment, we decided to bring them to our place instead.

Means that there was some painting..

and some planting..

And then voilĂ  here we go a prairie in our garden!

But for now I`m off to my sewing machine after more than one week its time!

I wish you all a good day


Here again

This was a longer absence than planed..and really not wished for!!!

First I was working 3 night shifts during the Easter Weekend while my husband and the kids were in France visiting his family.( This was the first time I was without the kids for such a long time, but this would be a whole other story to tell about! ) So there was just hospital and sleep and hospital...

As soon as the family were back together we got a stomacflu. EVERYONE of us one after the other. So there was just a lot of nursing and laundry and nursing...

But I managed to do some crocheting while siting next to the kids to comfort them. I saw the
tutorial for the neat ripple pattern on this Blog and knew I had to give it a try.
Now, hopefully there will be more crafting action in the next days. Ah and after a rainy moorning the sun is just peeking through the clouds :)


Is there anything better than...

...being with the most adorable children..
...sitting in the sun with a café latte, getting inspired for new projects...

and enjoying the beautyful flowers growing all around you in every corner of the garden?
Have a nice inspiering day!


2. Quilt

Yesterday I realised that Easter is approaching fast,very fast! We did not do any decorating or egg colouring yet and so we spend a fun afternoon decorating the house.
Aaaand in the evening I finished my second Quilt. A very easy quick design just to practice. I like how it turned out although the colours are not very spring like its a perfect match with my favourite chair.


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