Here again

This was a longer absence than planed..and really not wished for!!!

First I was working 3 night shifts during the Easter Weekend while my husband and the kids were in France visiting his family.( This was the first time I was without the kids for such a long time, but this would be a whole other story to tell about! ) So there was just hospital and sleep and hospital...

As soon as the family were back together we got a stomacflu. EVERYONE of us one after the other. So there was just a lot of nursing and laundry and nursing...

But I managed to do some crocheting while siting next to the kids to comfort them. I saw the
tutorial for the neat ripple pattern on this Blog and knew I had to give it a try.
Now, hopefully there will be more crafting action in the next days. Ah and after a rainy moorning the sun is just peeking through the clouds :)

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