Skirt revival

Lynn L-O-V-E-S skirts or dresses. You`ll never see her wearing trousers unless I really force her to do so ;). Sadly, after two years of non-stop-in-duty, her alltime favorite jeansskirt was getting too short. As there was no question of give it away this was a sewing emergency!!

After a few minutes of digging in my stash and a lotoffewminutes later...ta-da! One Almost new skirt and one very happy girl.
Then I made this bag as a gift for a birthdayparty ( one of Lynn`s Kindergartenfriends turns 5 ) on friday.

We will add some fun stuff and hopefully there will be an other happy girl!

Enjoy your day!


  1. What an excellent idea to give new life to your daughter's favorite skirt. That is what the Amish do when the girl's dresses start getting too short...they add a piece of the same fabric around the bottom edge as you did.

    I'm sure Lynn's friend will love her new bag. It is so colorful. Maybe you will have to make many more when her other friends see this one.

  2. My daughter is exactly the same...trousers barely ever get worn. I love your solution to extend the life of a favorite skirt! Very clever.

  3. Adore how you altered the skirt, so very cute! And the hand bag is adorable as well!

    Visiting from the Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap!


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