Week end

It is very hard to find girls clothes in other colours than pink. Not that I don't like pink but pleeease, not eeeverything!!
Lynn needed a new jacket and after an other overdose of purple-lilac-rose in the girls section, I tried my luck in the boys departement.
I was lucky and found a plain red jacket! ( It is also very hard to find boys clothes without any cars, monsters etc.)
So I brought this treasure home and started to make it "girly", added some yoyo flowers and tried myself in embroidery for the first time. Oh la la, fun, fun fun is all I can say about it...I can see so many projects in this direction....Arrrgh why can't I stay focused just on one or at least only two, no three....crafty techniques!
I also finished the " giant-disapearing-ninepatch" quilt top. See there is one more answer to my question post...
I had these fatquarters in my stash and then tuk tuk, cut cut, more tuk tuk and voila a quilttop done!
now i have to deside for the back....

We also did some harvesting

Herbs drying for those cool -winter-hot-tea-time-days. Far away now, but sure to come.

Happy new week for all of you



Leo has a varicella infection! Poor boy and although I really love dots, I prefere them on fabric or mugs.

This means that we are more or less attached to the house.

Which means Leo is more or less attached to me ..

..which means I can't do anything than pamper him, reading stories or building huge towers with his Legos. ( In the meantime the dish-, laundry- and dust towers are building up also...

So I was thinking I could invite you to a short stroll to our house. Just showing you a few spots.
I am a home deco magazine addict and just love to see pictures of interiors. ant I KNOW there are others like me out there.
I'm not alone.
Please say yes!

I have allways flowers in the house. So I can never have too many glass vases.

Flowers on the wall of Lynn's room.The spot in the grass is lipstick. My VERY RED kind of VERY LONG LASTING lipstick!

Leo's room is decorated in a nautic theme. The live buoy is fom my husbands grandparents sailing boat. They were sailing around the world for 5 years after retiering.

My favorite place to browse in those mentioned magazines or knit or snuggle up with the children and their books or thinking about new crafting projects or....

A corner of the bathroom.
Actually the only one presentable.
You remember, the Lego towers !

This table is the result of one quick trip to the thrift store, one can of black spray paint and one black spot in the lawn of the backyard.
Et voila !

I love vintage soda bottles. The white one I carried for several weeks in my backpack while traveling around New Zealand.

I was young
and strong
and crazy.

Fortunately the weather is better now and we can also escape in to the garden and at last enjoy some summer days

And fill up with vitamines.

I hope you are all in good health.

That's what matters the most after all.


A lot of questions, few answers


Creativity or just a mess ?

A quilt for Leo?

A picnic quilt ?

Do I need an other pincoushion?

NO! Says Emma!


Kids creativity

I signed in to make a babyquilt for Craft Hope. They do a real great work, looking for ways to help all around the globe. I really do admire people who organise projects like this and am more than happy to contribute something.
So I asked the kids if they would help me chose the fabric for a baby quilt. Of course they liked the idea of rummagin around in my fabric stash and beleve me they had a fun time....:0! At least I now have a well and newly organised stash. ( Nothing glamorous beleve me, but steadily growing ;) )

First I wasn't sure about the colour choice ( no, noot sure at all ) But now I really like this quilt. Like Lynn said, it is a happy quilt just the right thing for a baby. " You know" she said " I remember what I liked as a baby, but you are to far away at your age!"

Hope you have fun with your fabric stash too


When the postman rings

Yesterday,while siting on the porch, watching the children play with their friends, the postman was ringing. He delivered a package from France. What a surprise! Quick, I opend it and found this inside....

The quilt from the mini quilt swap! Claudine made this wonderful creation. I love the colours, so fresh and cheerful. And she is a talented embroider, wow when I see works like this I'm just impresst and amazed!!

Merci beaucoup Claudine pour ce joli oeuvre d'art. Je le suspend dans mon coin creative pour me faire inspiree.....


Finished quilt

Yipii, got the camera back, but as it was raining the whole day, there was no way to get an outdoor picture of the quilt so you see it on his " destination"

I love it. And i am a little bit proud also. It is my first big quilt. Wohoo... drumrolls please!!!....am also very motivated now to start an other one ;))) I have a huge cloude of ideas in my head, but help,where to start? Could this be an excuse for a trip to the fabricstore?

The quilt back is made of a vintage sheet and the scraps from the quilt top. The fabric is Woodland Bloom by Lila Tueller ( Moda Fabrics)
Really love it.

But if it is raining outside we have to have at least something sunnyish ( does this word exist? )on the plate, no?
So we made a clafouti with stawberries. It is quick and easy and sooo very good. You can take any fruit you like depending on the season. So this is an all year round hit. Find a recipe here.
Bon app├ętit!


Mon Dieu what a week

I can't believe this ! I finished Lynn`s quilttop and c-a-n-n-o-t show you a picture because the camera is broken!! grrrr...

It was this way the whole week, nothing really worked out, we were busy,busy and I' m very much looking forward to the weekend to take aaalll veeery eeeasy. Oohhh yes...this sounds great!!

So, instead I show you a few beauties from the garden. Flowers are good, and a stroll through nature is always a source to get some energy. Look at those leaves....the pattern and colours...

mmhh this helps...

But like always there were good moments too, see...

As soon as I can take a picture of the quilt you will here from me!
Have a good time


Style and other things

The first thing I sewed almost one year ago was this pair of Pj pants for little Leo and look how stylish he still wears them! ( He now puts on his cloth aaalll alone...yes yes, he don`t want any help a aalll. ..and this is just his sleeping style, you should see his dayoutfits, ;)) ! )

Anyway since then I did some other sewing and now finished my 2. quilt now ready to be brought to the postoffice..this could actually take longer than making the quilt, why things like that are allways soo hard to accomplish? At least for me. Do you know this problem?

But for now I'm out in

Because it looks like this

Oh la la when I see this I would rather be here

But there will be some enjoying too, for sure

Have a very nice day


A giveaway

Go and check the twiddletails blog and shop. There is a nice giveaway going on and a big fabric sale in the shop!!!
Take a moment to enjoy all the wonderful things over there

Sunny days

I am still working on Lynn's Quilt, but as we have very nice weather these days, we spend most of our time in the sun.

We were in the strawberry fields yesterday and turned those


this! Mmh.....

See you soon with hopefully a finished quilt top!


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