Week end

It is very hard to find girls clothes in other colours than pink. Not that I don't like pink but pleeease, not eeeverything!!
Lynn needed a new jacket and after an other overdose of purple-lilac-rose in the girls section, I tried my luck in the boys departement.
I was lucky and found a plain red jacket! ( It is also very hard to find boys clothes without any cars, monsters etc.)
So I brought this treasure home and started to make it "girly", added some yoyo flowers and tried myself in embroidery for the first time. Oh la la, fun, fun fun is all I can say about it...I can see so many projects in this direction....Arrrgh why can't I stay focused just on one or at least only two, no three....crafty techniques!
I also finished the " giant-disapearing-ninepatch" quilt top. See there is one more answer to my question post...
I had these fatquarters in my stash and then tuk tuk, cut cut, more tuk tuk and voila a quilttop done!
now i have to deside for the back....

We also did some harvesting

Herbs drying for those cool -winter-hot-tea-time-days. Far away now, but sure to come.

Happy new week for all of you

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