A few things before we`re on the road again

I finished a few UFO`S before we are heading south
to visit my in-law`s for 10 days.

First there was the friendship bag. I started REALLY early but then never finished it until the deadline arrived...

( Will I EVER change this habit?? )

There were some goodies added and a quick drive to the post office later it`s on the way to the States.
Bon voyage, I hope the recipient ( humm, is this the right word for this >: ? ) will like it!

AND I finished Leo`s quilt top!

I wished so much to be abel to finish the whole quilt. But with the garden and the house asking for some attention too there was no way.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the unbelievable beautiful weather we had the past few days, or actually weeks :))

Now the suitcases are packed and we are ready for LA FRANCE.

Au revoir a tout le monde


  1. Bon voyage, Sandra. Take lots of pictures.

    Your bag is beautiful and yes, recipient is the correct word. Your English is wonderful...and your quilt top too!

  2. pretty bag, i love the fabrics

  3. Your bag is very pretty! The colors are great:) Have a safe and fun trip.


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