Any suggestions?

It is one week since I`m staring at these two samples for my next quilt.

Or to be exact the quilt for Léo...just can`t decide witch of the blocks I prefer.

It will all be in blue and white.

This, at least I have decided.

A looong

time ago, when I started collecting thrifted men`s shirts.

But now I`m blocked.


Wonky log cabins or stripey blocks?

I think I have to sleep over this agaaiinn...mmhh??

But on the zipper side there is success! Yep, look my version in


The bottom fabric is from a sheet we used in Lynn`s cradle.

Is`nt this sweet?

Thinking of sweet, how about a piece of chocolate? This could help to mobilize my decision skills!

"No matter what the problem is, chocolate is the answer."

I love this proverb.



  1. Hi. I think i like the stripy one best. Well done with the zip, I've yet to master the art of putting one in the top of a bag.

  2. Are the blocks going to be all the same, Sandra?

    Now you can call yourself a 'zipper pro'! Good job!


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