My first zipper

Wohoo! I made my first zippered pouch and it was


I don`t know why I was scared of trying it!!!

I allready have an order to make an other one.
Lynn would like " the same but in pink "

( Does this pink phase ever end? )

Oh well,
I guess I can live with pink, he he I`m just glad to have an excuse to go back to the sewing machine..... ;))

Have a good time


  1. Great job, Sandra!

    Pink is not my color either but it seems that it is very popular.

    I'm afraid of zippers. I've done two of them and I'm still afraid!

  2. Congrats! I have only put in two zippers as well...I need to do it more often so that it becomes a little more natural!

  3. What a cute pouch! I took a zipper class but....well let's say I need remedial help!

    I don't think you ever outgrow pink! :)

  4. I haven't mastered the zipper yet, but would really like to.

    Your little pouch came out cute!

  5. Bonjour Sandra !
    Très réussi pour une première. Elle sera aussi très jolie en rose !!
    Bises, CLaudine


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