As I mentioned Lynn is a skirt girl and now as the cold season is coming this means it is time for all those funny colorful stockings you can find for girls.
This is good but hard to match with the rest of the outfit. So a black skirt is a handy solution.
( this worked out well last year and you don't need to invent the wheel again and again no? )
So when I saw this long fold skirt in "my" thrift store I knew what this would be...

A new winter favorite for my girl. I added a gingham loop for a belt to give it a special something.
She likes it. And so do I.
Now off to find fun stockings!


As I was in the refashioning mood I digged out a shirt my husband bought once and never used. I guess it was just a hint too bold for him. But I have no problem whit red.

Following this tutorial this is the result!

Now I hope there will still be a few short sleeve day`s to show it off...

Happy sewing!


  1. The red shirt is so cute! I like the skirt too!

  2. Great job - I love refashions - so clever!!

  3. Now how cool is that, Sandra!

    I love the red blouse and the skirt is phenominal, especially with the pleats. Great job!

  4. great job...i love doing that kind of thing too.
    love the blouse!


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