40 !

Last week I told you I had a special day on the 20. and I would post about it later ( I had to wait for the pictures to be e-mailed by the ones who were in charge to take pictures.)

So this is it.

I had my 40. Birthday!

And I`m still wondering how this happened...

Not that I have any troubles with that,

just "How could this happen sooo fast!!

I`m not the only one this year,

With two of my friends who will be there in a few weeks
we wanted to celebrate it with a

big fiesta!

So we organized a seventies party with the matching music and clothes and

a big dessert buffet!

It was awesome!

We danced until 4 o`clock in the morning,

and had a lot of fun
seeing all of our friends together in the same place at the same time!

My two coo-party girls made me a gift too: I wanted this poster for a long time now and they are persuaded that this is the right moment for it...;))

Hope you do too....

P.S: I guess this is a good opportunity for a giveaway isn`t it ??
Sounds tomorrow good??


  1. Liebe Sandra - ALLES GUTE ZU DEINEM 40. GEBURTSTAG !!!!!!
    Eine tolle Idee eure Party und wie ich sehe hattet ihr viel Spass zusammen. Ich wünsch Dir für jeden neuen Tag neu, dass du immer wieder etwas zum dich dran freuen hast und (das Poster- echt- das ist der Hammer) die Ruhe zum weitermachen!
    Hugs Martina

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog...thought I would come say hi...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like a fun time!
    Holly @ 504 Main

  3. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you partied well into the morning...good on you :o)

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! I like the sound of the dessert bar!

  5. Sounds like you celebrated in style! Love the 70's party theme.

  6. Looks like you had a great time! Happy Belated birthday. Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day!


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