I almost forgot to take a picture of the second blog for Tasha before posting it!

( Had to pull it out of the envelope witch explains the folds...kmhh )

And I started a string quilt motivated by the "No string attached challenge and I can tell you this is fun and veeery addictive!!

I hope you have a good day

( For me it is a special one but more about that later...)


  1. i really need to try string quilting. i've heard so many positive things about it. can't wait to see what yours looks like!

  2. Cute block!

    I hate it when I package up a quilting gift and have to open up the entire package because I forgot to photograph it. So frustrating!

  3. lovely block. lovely blog. hugs from Italy

  4. Lovely block for Tasha, she's a lucky girl! I loved meeting your two very sweet kittens. They will bring a new perspective on quilting, I think...
    At least, that's what mine did, they love to get involved!
    Thank you for a very nice visit

    ; )



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