About a good time

Our home for the week

Living room


Some views

... Nooo comment here...

The Guest house

Enjoying the sunset in front of the hut

No comment here either....

And this is our little man


the downhill race of the ski school....

...and after!

( You do hear drum rolls and fanfares here of course...no?
Olympic games 2026, we are preparing...;) )

Back home I made the two February blocks for the Quilting Bee.
Maria asked to make a disappearing nine patch pattern.

She selected different Christmas themed fabric to make a nice quilt for the next season.

Have a good week-end!

P.S.: I made two potholders out of the started granny squares. We were in need of some up in the hut.


  1. Looks like a great place to holiday but don't know how you cope without electricity up there in the cold. Your little fellow looks like a real little athlete in the making !!

  2. Oh my Sandra! We thought we had been getting tons of snow here! It looks absolutely lovely and your son looks like a pro already. One of my youngest sons has been glued to the Olympics for days. Our skiing opportunities are limited here, but we try to get the kids on the slopes at least once a season. (Although, I have to admit, my boys are split 50-50 between skiing and snow boarding.)

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend, even if it spills over to Monday.

  3. Aww, your little guy is adorable and Number One! WooHoo!
    The scenery looks fab and the bathroom? I couldn't make heads or tails out of it. It sort of looks cold and I don't know about that. :)
    Happy Sits Saturday to you!!

  4. Looks like an amazing ski vacation - what a pretty part of the world you live in. Your little guy looks so cute in his snow gear.

  5. Cheers to the upcoming Olympian! Too cute!

    Hope you are having an amazing time...:0)

  6. Hello Sandra, I just popped in to visit your blog and what a wonderful place for a holiday. I live in Australia and where I am it has been over 40 deg celsius for a week. Your beautiful hut and snow has cooled me down.
    Your little fellow is just so cute. Congratulations on your win and keep training.

  7. Yay for Olympic dreams! I love winter sports... did you see the ski cross? Amazing! :D Hope you had a fantastic holiday.

  8. wow this looks like a stunning place to stay!! i picture peacfull days watching the sun glisten on off the snow :)

  9. HI! I'm new here, so I didn't see that you are from Switzerland until after I read this post. While reading it, I thought for sure that you are from our home area . . . Oregon! (Pacific Northwest of the U.S.) I could have sworn that we've seen that cute cabin on Oregon's Mt. Hood! Isn't it funny that no matter where you go in the world, if you look hard, there is always something that can remind you of "home"? So, if you're ever wanting a visit, come head our way . . .! (and I'll be DREAMING of visiting your beautiful country. Sigh!!) (And ADORABLE little skier, by the way!)

  10. What a wonderful view! Stunning!

  11. Oh it looks beautiful, stunning views! Lucky you, make the most of it!!

  12. I just found your blog~so wonderful! Beautiful photos! I live quite isolated, minus the snow... I live on a barrier island w/no bridges, no stores, no mail, no conveniences. Oh, but I DO have a bathroom (3!). Thanks for sharing! Sandra at www.cumberlandislandquiltchick.com
    (I only just begun my blogging journey)

  13. GORGEOUS! Oh how I love those mountains! Thanks for the beautiful photos!


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