Each and every year it`s the same

I don`t need a calendar to know when February is here.

Even knowing the facts,

I suddenly have this desire of gardening.

Can`t stop thinking about what to plant and eventually change in the garden.

I see

Colourful flowerbeds!

Vegetables growing in abundance!

(Here you are allowed to laugh out loud,
this is more a dream than ever going to be reality...)

But then, all I can do is bring the feeling of spring, flower and garden in the house.

I`m absolutely unable to pass beside the gardening department in the shopping mall without going inside to have a look,

loose control

and bring home some of the flower- power-happiness.


So little investment to get so much to enjoy!

I hope you have something that brings happiness in your days!


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  2. I am so ready for spring. I just bought a small bouquet at the grocery to put on my desk. It let's me know that winter won't last forever!

  3. Those flowers are absolutely beautiful!! Using the Laurent Perrier champagne bucket is a brilliant idea!

  4. lovely flowers. i am a brown thumb. so. i pretty much don't buy flowers.

  5. I've learned to stifle my garden planning urge until March. I have had a tendency in the past to get confused about that "may 10th or until danger of frost has passed" starting my annuals indoors in mid-February. By May you have these spindly awful looking seedlings that are way overdue for planting. I have to pace myself!

    The spring flowers in your pictures are lovely. If only they could live outside!

  6. I'm loving all the flowers! I just got a bunch of tulips from a friend and have enjoyed them ever so much! I just sowed some geranium seeds with the kids!

  7. Pretty flowers! And your cafe creme remind moi... I have no more creme in the house... le sigh!


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