How to make a 4 year old happy

Most of the sewing I do for the children it is done for Lynn because it is easy to make a quick skirt or little bag etc. to make a girl happy!

But poor boy really wanted something for himself to be sewn too and he sure new what he needed!


of course

So I spent 2 cups of coffee searching the internet to find a logo to print out- with no luck but I found this instruction to draw it myself.

And then I started the making and I would like to share it here with you as my first


What you will need:

-Sewing machine and thread
-Measuring tape
-Black felt
-Steam-a-Seam or equal
-Felt pen
-Computer,Internet ;)
-Button or Velcro
-A piece of fabric
Min. about 100cm with and at least 70cm long for a small 4 year old.

( you will have to adjust this measurements depending on the size of your super hero....So you need
-a model too)

Start with
hemming the sides of the fabric.
Me as a bit lazy, just zigzagged all the way round..

Then copy your artwork on to the Steam-a Seam paper which then, iron on a piece of black felt.
D0n`t do it like me ; iron a corner of the paper on to your ironing board unless you want to change your board cover anyway..;)!

After this, cut out the Batman sign and iron it on to the fabric in the upper half of the fabric piece.

Then you have to gather the top end of the fabric. The smaller your heroes neck is, the more you have to gather until you have the desired width.

It should look something like this now...

Using the rest of the felt cut a piece of 5 cm in width to make the binding for the collar.
The length will, again, depend on the size of your model + 10-15 cm for the closure strip.

Now fold the strip in half lenghthwise press well and "sandwich" the gathering with it leaving the surplus overhang on one side. Pin well in place and sew it on.

For the closure I used self adhesive Velcro dots.

At the end, for security reasons during the flights I attached some handles made out of thin felt strips sewed on to the sides of the cape!

Now we have a happy little youngster who is ready for new adventures and for take off !!

Don`t forget to warn your pets and neighbour and perhaps store away your beloved vases and chinaware but then have fun with your boy!!


  1. Hey Sandra, das ist super toll! Danke vielmal fürs Tutorial. Wart nur bis mein Jüngster (auch 4) das hier sieht ... Yeah!
    Sonnige Grüsse

  2. Oh Sandra what a gorgeous Batman Cape and the super model is cute too. Even though it is a back view.

  3. Sandra ,glad to have found your lovely blog .Your patchwork is beautiful.Thankyou for your comments on my blog :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. The cape is so fun! My boys love to dress up...maybe I'll have to pull out the sewing machine! Thanks for stoping by my blog!

  5. I'm all over this for my 2 year old nephew!!

    Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. That's awesome! So creative!

    Capes always remind me of my husband's story that he had superman pj's with a cape as a kid, but his parents took the cape away so he'd stop trying to fly.


  7. The artist who painted my husbands portrait has a framed Robin outfit that his mother made him when he was a child. (Batman & Robin) It was a source of inspiration for him and he went on to become a prominent artist....
    You never know what powers this cape may have! :)
    See: STUDIOWASTELAND on my blogs I follow. Martin Pate.


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