For sunny days

My daughter asked me to make a skirt

with ruffles.

She did not have to insist.

The fabric is Ginger Blossom from Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller. A lovely collection, perfect for sewing summer things :)

It is nice to see when things you create are well appreciated!


  1. I really, really want that skirt! So beautiful!

  2. Oh, that skirt is adorable! Yes, I would love that skirt in my size!

  3. Love the skirt and the photo of the little cat is really sweet.
    Do I recognise your blog header?!! It looks great.

  4. What a cute little skirt.The cat also has a lovely little quilt.

  5. Love the skirt!

    and yes...it is always great to see our creations being used and loved.

  6. Very nice! I love ruffles!

    I stopped by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

  7. Very cute print!

    Welcome to SITS. We're happy to have you.

  8. You have some great work here!!

    Welcoming you to SITs! I hope you enjoy the party:-)

  9. The skirt is adorable & so is the picture of the kitty.

    I'm stopping by to welcome you the the SITS family!

  10. Ruffles are the best-- heck, I'll be 28 next month and I still love me some layers and lace and a nice ruffle or two (or three!).

    I have to say, I spent the first three minutes on your blog looking at the date-- 8/3/10-- and wondering why you had it set to August. It took me a minute to realize you had the European dating system, not the American. D'oh!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  11. PS I'm on the SITS Welcomistas and dropped in to welcome you - but of course you know I already follow your blog ;)

  12. So nice, my cat look a lot like yours. They could be family!
    My cat loves quilts too. He always sleeps on top/in between/under them.


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